Why Join Us

Here at Northside Animal Hospital, we celebrate our team members and admire their dedication to animal healthcare. We’re a small team that works in the picturesque region of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We serve a mighty community of animal lovers. We know that people can only do their best in a supportive work environment, so we strive to make our practice an accommodating space for all. Our hospital is a place to grow or set up roots. Thanks to Dr. Leslie Gamble, we’ve acquired a Low-Stress Handling Certification and have implemented a Puppy Pre-School education program. Whether you want to share a new idea or explore a specific branch of animal health care, we welcome your expertise and curiosity.

Cape Breton Island is known for its deep valleys and towering mountains. You might’ve seen our town in some of the best tourist photos, with captivating fall foliage and sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean. Living in Cape Breton is like living in a postcard. There’s a variety of nature to enjoy, from North River Falls to Highlands National Park. We’re a town on the far east of Canada and enjoy seafood that is fresh and breweries that are hopping! On your days off, we encourage you to check out the festivals we have year-round or retreat to a sauna at one of the many chateaus in the area.

How to Join Us

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