Spay and Neutering for Pets

Getting your pet spayed/neutered prevents overpopulation and protects your pet from developing diseases in their reproductive organs. With less strain on their body and a list of diseases eliminated from their future, their life expectancy is dramatically increased. Help your pet live a longer and healthier life by getting them spayed or neutered. Call us at 902.794.7387 to schedule their appointment.

What kind of reproductive illnesses could my pet develop?

Getting your pet spayed or neutered will reduce their chances of developing debilitating diseases. They will avoid tumours in their ovaries, cysts, certain infections and testicular cancer.

What happens during the procedure?

Prior to surgery, pets have a blood test to determine the amount of anesthetic they can handle. Spaying (female) and neutering (male) your pet requires making an incision in their body to remove their ovaries, uterus and testicles. They will be provided with options for pain management, including medication or laser therapy to quicken their recovery.

When should I get my pet spayed/neutered?

It’s best to get your pet spayed or neutered as soon as possible. This can range from 6 months to a year old for male pets. The time frame is different for female pets. It’s best to get them spayed before their first heat cycle (heightened interest in mating), which happens when they are around 5 or 6-months-old. If your female pet has already had a litter, you can get them spayed once the babies are no longer nursing. This occurs around 4-6 weeks after birth. For a concrete date, speak with our veterinarians and we’ll be able to schedule a spay/neutering appointment for your pet.

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