Behavioural Counselling

Addressing your cat or dog’s behaviours with expert guidance.

Knowing how to peacefully coexist is mandatory for every healthy relationship. Arranging behavioural consultations will benefit you and your pet’s lives. Not only will your furry companion learn how to treat your home and guests with respect, but it will strengthen your bond as well. Your pet requiring behavioural counselling does not mean they are a “bad” pet. It simply means they need to adjust to their environment. It could also mean that they are dealing with past traumas or triggers. Either way, we can provide you with techniques to support them. Call us at 902-794-7387 if you suspect your pet needs behavioural counselling.

How will I know if my pet needs behaviour counselling?

Excessive barking, hissing or aggressive behaviour towards other people are serious issues that our consultations can help your pet curb. Other signs your pet needs behavioural counselling include urinating in the home or destroying property. These could be signs of separation anxiety and through proper training, we can help your pet overcome these concerns.

What happens during a behaviour consultation?

In order for a session to be successful, we need to have a thorough discussion about your pet’s lifestyle, their home environment, their behaviour and when it started. Your answers could reveal the source of their actions. It also helps to know your pet’s past. Unfortunately, many animals come from troubled homes and develop self-destructive behaviours, such as excessive licking and gnawing at their fur to cope. Once we’ve narrowed down their history, we’ll be able to provide techniques and a routine that ease your pet into a good mental state. We may also discover that their behaviour is a response to a medical issue, like a skin or orthopedic condition. If that is the case, we will be able to arrange a proper check up to diagnose and treat them.

How often will my pet have to attend behaviour counselling?

The sessions vary in length and frequency depending on the severity of your pet’s behaviour and their progress. We prefer slow and steady. It takes time to unlearn and we don’t want to rush them into another issue. Every consultation allows us to monitor your pet’s headway and modify their treatment plan according to their success. Our veterinarians will let you know how often they would like to see you and your pet. It could range from bi-weekly, monthly to semi-annually.

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