Bloodwork Services

A simple method used to diagnose and treat ailments in pets.

A simple blood test reveals a wealth of medical conditions that need to be treated or simply monitored. Your pet’s bloodwork creates a map to their internal systems. Thanks to regular blood tests, we’re able to check their nutrient levels, determine if your pet has allergies, and whether their organs are functioning properly. Every time we collect your pet’s blood sample, we document the results and use this to determine how to treat them if they develop medical issues in the future. To learn more about your pet’s bloodwork, call us at 902-794-7387.

How often do you take my pet’s blood?

We typically recommend blood tests be done at every veterinary exam, before a surgical procedure and whenever we suspect your pet may have an underlying medical condition.

What kind of medical conditions can you diagnose through bloodwork?

Your pet’s blood can reveal if worms are present in their system. Heartworms, for example, are known to exist in your pet’s heart, lungs and bloodstream. Through tracking their cell counts and monitoring their platelets, we’ll also be able to determine if they have bleeding disorders (blood clots), if they’re pregnant, if they’ve developed inflammation or any other issues.

Do I need to prepare my pet for a blood test?

Yes. To ensure clear results there are certain steps you can take to get your pet ready for a blood test. It helps to keep your pet calm, hydrated and unfed for at least 6 hours before their appointment. Keeping pets on leashes and in their carriers reduces their anxiety and keeps them from moving too much prior to seeing the vet. However, in the case of an emergency appointment, preparation is much harder to do. We understand that, during those situations, pet owners will be under some stress but encourage you to attempt to keep your pet relaxed.

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