Laser Therapy

A non-invasive and effective way to alleviate pain and promote healing in dogs and cats.

Non-invasive treatments like laser therapy involve no injections, blood or insertions into your pet’s body. Laser therapy has the power to decrease your pet’s healing time, among many other benefits. It is especially helpful for pets dealing with the discomfort of post-surgery wounds. To learn how laser therapy can benefit your furry friend, call us at 902-794-7387 to book an appointment.

How can laser therapy decrease healing time in pets?

Laser therapy activates blood flow. When this happens, it encourages the cells in your pet’s body to regenerate and heal wounds. We use laser therapy post-operation to treat large wounds or incisions from spays and neuters. It is highly recommended for pets who run the risk of tearing their incisions following surgery.

How often should my pet receive laser therapy?

This depends on the severity of your pet’s discomfort and how they are responding to the treatment. The recommendations will vary according to your veterinarian’s judgement. It can range from 1 session a week to bi-weekly appointments. As your pet improves, the frequency will decrease.

What other benefits does laser therapy offer for my pet?

Laser therapy assists with pain from arthritis, ear infections and injuries. Each session takes less than 10 minutes and is usually calming for pets. As they lay on our table, they will feel a warm sensation hovering over the afflicted area. It requires no sedation and has no side effects.

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