The only permanent, reliable way to identify a lost pet and ensure a happy reunion.

Microchipping is a protective measure to ensure lost pets can be reunited with their loving owners. No pet owner ever imagines it can happen to them, and many pets do find their way home. However, in case they don’t and a friendly animal loving stranger finds them, a microchip can reduce your worries. Your pet cannot be tracked but they can be scanned at an animal shelter or veterinarian’s office. When their microchip is detected, you will be contacted to be reunited with your pet. For more information or to book an appointment, call our team at 902-794-7387.

Will getting my pet microchipped hurt?

For your pet, it will feel like a slight pinch. The rice grain sized chip is inserted just below their skin in between their shoulder blades. It does not move or irritate them. It’s placed there quickly and without much discomfort.

How is my information accessed through the microchip?

Most veterinarian offices and animal shelters have microchip scanners. When your pet is found and brought to these locations, they’ll receive an examination and be checked for a microchip. When the chip is scanned, your contact information will appear through the pet registry database you’ve signed up with. It’s important to keep your contact information up-to-date. If you move or change phone numbers, don’t forget to add your pet’s microchip company to the many places you need to inform.

How do I sign up with a pet registry?

Once your pet has been microchipped, we will provide you with documents to sign up with a pet registry. It is your responsibility to register your pet’s microchip number with the pet registry. Each chip has a number that, when scanned or searched, is connected to your contact information. This number is only activated when it is registered. It is not enough to sign the documents. Registering your pet is the last and final step in ensuring they are reunited with you should they get lost.

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