Parasite Control & Prevention

Protecting your pet against internal and external parasites.

Our veterinarians are able to guide pet owners to the best medication and practices that ensure their pet is safe from parasitic infections. Parasite prevention plans include routine checkups, tests and preventative medicine. It is an ongoing process and especially important depending on the environment you live in and your pet’s lifestyle. If they’re more likely to be exposed to mosquitoes (carriers of heartworm) or ticks, they should never stray from their medicinal routine. To learn more about our parasite control and prevention plans, book an appointment with us by calling 902-794-7387.

Will my pet need parasite prevention if they don’t go outside often?

Absolutely. Anything can happen during the few minutes they are outdoors. Pets are exposed to parasites through insects, fecal matter and other animals that may roam your neighbourhood or backyard. They can be bitten by an infected mosquito and be infested with heartworms. If they step in another pet’s feces, they can accidentally consume tapeworms or roundworms when they lick their paws. Parasites can also enter your home, infecting your pet, you and other people in your household.

What kind of parasites will the medication protect my pet from?

Your pet will be protected from parasites that can live on their skin, blood and intestines. Through oral and topical medication that is administered monthly (or according to the medication’s instructions), their body will become an unfavourable environment for parasites to live or reproduce. Your pet will be safe from tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms and heartworms. They will also reject fleas, ticks and mites from living on their skin.

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