Senior Care for Pets

Supporting your pet through their golden years with specialized care and monitoring.

So your pet has reached old age and you’ve been lucky to see them to it. This is a definitive moment in their life. They’ve passed their puppy/kitten stages, their adult routine and now they’re going to be developing a new lifestyle as an old resident of your home. Our veterinarians can prepare you for the changes your pet will experience. Call us at 902-794-7387 to learn how you can provide the best care for your pet now that they’ve reached their golden years.

What kind of changes will my pet experience when they get older?

When pets get older, their immune system becomes weaker. They’re susceptible to illnesses, infections and weight gain. As a result, they will need to be monitored more often. To support your senior pet, we expect to see them twice a year. Their annual veterinary exam will transition into semi-annual checkups. This will help us detect any medical conditions they may have faster. The sooner we can diagnose them, the better we can treat them before they develop long-term damage.

What kind of medical issues will my pet face in their old age?

The kind of medical issues a pet faces in their old age is not unlike what humans go through as they get older. Your pet’s stamina will decrease. They will need to be encouraged to go for walks and exercise to prevent weight gain. Obesity can put a strain on their body, especially if they’ve already developed arthritis. They may develop diseases in their kidney, bladder or eyes. Vision issues are not uncommon, especially cataracts, which will require them to have more support in the home and when they go outside. Mental health issues are also a concern. Some pets develop memory loss. This will make their everyday life difficult but it can be managed through proper socialization and other techniques.

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