Surgical Services for Pets

We prioritize your pet's comfort and care from surgery to recovery.

Surgeries can be stressful to plan, anticipate and experience. Under our care, your pet is guaranteed precision and thorough care. We’re available during regular hours for scheduled procedures and provide emergency surgical services after-hours. To learn more about the surgeries we perform, call us at 902-794-7387. Our staff will be happy to speak with you and answer any of your questions.

What surgeries do you perform?

We perform soft tissue surgeries, such as spays and neuters. We’re also able to help pets give birth and provide resources for natal care when you bring your pet and their litter home. Dental surgeries, such as extraction of broken teeth, are also a speciality of ours.

How is my pet prepared for surgery?

Depending on the surgery, how your pet must prepare varies. In most cases, your pet will be expected to fast 6-8 hours before their operation. Anesthesia and food do not mix; pets who do not fast before their operation may vomit mid-procedure, which can lead to complications. Prior to your pet’s surgery, our veterinarians will discuss exact timing and instructions so everything is in order before surgery day. This will also give you the opportunity to ask questions and share concerns.

What can be done to help my pet through the pain?

After surgery, your pet will have a chance to rest and let the anesthesia wear off. When they’re ready to go home we will provide them with pain management medication. We’ll also suggest scheduling a series of laser therapy sessions to help heal their incision or sore spot. At home, give them a quiet and soft place to sleep. Reduce their movements and ensure they do not go up or down stairs to avoid tearing or aggravating their incision.

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