Vaccines for Kittens & Cats

Contact our team to create a vaccination plan for your feline friend.

Getting your cat vaccinated is a protective service not only for your pet, but also for your animal loving neighbourhood. Vaccines prevent your cat from catching and spreading fatal diseases. We offer vaccines to fight off rabies, feline leukemia and more. While it’s preferred to get your cat vaccinated when they’re a kitten, it is never too late. Call us at 902-794-7387 to schedule their vaccination.

What is in the vaccine?

Most vaccines contain morphed and less active versions of diseases. When it’s injected into your pet’s body, their immune system is trained on how to fight it off and will do this again if the stronger version ever appears. This is how your pet’s body becomes protected from diseases.

When should my cat be vaccinated?

Kittens should be vaccinated when they are 8 to 16-weeks-old. This will be the beginning of a series of vaccinations. When kittens are born, their mothers’ milk provides them with the antibodies to protect them from certain infections. However, as they wean off their mother’s milk that protection decreases. They will need to be vaccinated once a month to ensure the vaccine is effective. This will continue until they are 4 or 5-months-old. Afterwards, we may arrange annual booster shots to keep their immune system sharp. Our veterinarians will help you create a schedule.

What happens if my cat is not vaccinated?

Without a thorough vaccination series, your cat will be vulnerable to diseases that can alter their personality, infect other pets and threaten the health of humans. Rabies, for example, is a fatal disease that is contagious and can be spread to humans as well. Whether your pet is an indoor cat or not, they should be vaccinated to keep your community and home safe.

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