Weight Management for Pets

Assist your pet in achieving a balanced weight through our weight management program.

Did you know that every breed of cat or dog has an ideal body weight? When they are above or below that standard, their health is at risk. There are many reasons your pet is experiencing fluctuations in their weight. Before we offer any treatments, we must first determine if their body is changing due to diet and lack of exercise or because of an underlying medical condition. There are many illnesses, such as parasitic infections or arthritis that can cause a shift in your pet’s weight. To learn if your pet is the ideal weight, call us at 902-794-7387 to schedule an appointment.

How do I know if my pet is out of shape?

It’s quite common for pets to be over and underweight without pet owners ever noticing. Our pets being obese or too skinny is easy to miss. Without realizing it, people are only used to seeing pets in poor shape and don’t know their pet needs weight management. However, there are very obvious signs. If your pet’s ribs, hip bones and spinal cord are severely sticking out from under their skin, this means they are too skinny. This could be a sign your pet is lacking a healthy caloric intake or they’re dealing with a hidden medical issue. On the other hand, you’ll be able to tell your pet is overweight when they’ve gotten rounder (especially their bellies), have lower stamina and are less eager to play.

What is offered in your weight management sessions?

Weight management sessions are an opportunity for the veterinarian and pet owner to construct a weight reduction or weight gain plan suitable to the pet’s lifestyle. We will introduce your pet to new activities that will get them moving. Pet owners will learn about their pet’s new eating schedule and we’ll discuss ways to implement this new routine into your pet’s life. We’ll provide you with an array of nutritional food and supplements to fill your pet’s tummy and get them the vitamins and minerals they need. These consultations are centered on how to improve your pet’s relationship with food and exercise. We’ll monitor your pet’s progress through weigh-ins, adjustments to their weight management plan and positive reinforcement.

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