X-ray Services

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X-rays, also known as radiographs, are a non-invasive diagnostic tool to see inside your pet’s body. We’re able to take a black and white picture to examine their bone structure, search for odd growths and expose fractures. To capture this image, your pet is covered in protective gear with only their afflicted area exposed. A beam of rays passes through your pet’s body and exposes their internal system on screen. This produces immediate results for us to examine. To learn more about our X-ray services, call us at 902-794-7387.

Why would my pet need an X-ray?

They provide very quick and clear results for diagnosis. This is helpful for emergencies and for routine appointments. We rely on X-rays to pinpoint the source of your pet’s discomfort and determine the best treatment. Through this powerful diagnostic tool, we can see broken bones, swallowed items, pregnancies and inflamed organs indicating a type of disease.

What happens when my pet is brought in for an X-ray?

Your pet will be laid on our table with protective gear to cover them. This blocks their body from being exposed to radiation. Don’t worry! The radiation is not strong enough to cause harm on contact. Unfortunately, pet owners cannot be with their pets at this time. This may make your pet slightly nervous, which may require us to use a sedative to calm them down. The less they move, the more accurate our results will be. After we capture the image, we’ll explain the results to you and whether we have any concerns.

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